The Letter L

Some popular German verbs that begin with the letter L:

  • laufen (to run)
  • lassen (to let, to allow)
  • leisten (to do, to perform)
  • lernen (to learn)
  • lieben (to love)
  • löffeln (to eat with a spoon)
  • lächeln (to smile)
  • lesen (to read)
  • lügen (to lie)
  • lachen (to laugh)

These verbs are used in a variety of contexts and are essential for everyday conversation. They are also used in many common German expressions.

Here are some examples of how to use these verbs in a sentence:

  • Ich laufe jeden Morgen um den See. (I run around the lake every morning.)
  • Lassen Sie mich das machen. (Let me do that.)
  • Kann ich Ihnen etwas leisten? (Can I do anything for you?)
  • Ich lerne Deutsch. (I am learning German.)
  • Ich liebe dich. (I love you.)
  • Löffele ich dein Essen? (Shall I spoon-feed you?)
  • Sie lächeln so schön. (You have a beautiful smile.)

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