Preposition: BEI

The German preposition “bei” means “at, by, near, or with” and is one of the most common prepositions in the language. It is also used in the formation of a number of frequently used verbs. Here is a list of some of the most common German verbs that start with the letters “bei”:

Beibehalten (to keep, to retain)
Beibringen (to teach, to impart)
Beichten (to confess)
Beidrehen (to slow down)
Beieinanderhaben (to have together)
Beieinanderhalten (to keep together)
Beifügen (to enclose, to attach)
Beigeben (to add, to join)
Beigehen (to go with, to accompany)
Beigesellen (to join, to accompany)
Beiheften (to staple)
Beiholen (to fetch, to retrieve)
Beikommen (to manage, to cope)
Beiladen (to invite, to ask to join)
Beilegen (to settle, to resolve)
Beiliegen (to be enclosed, to be attached)
Beimachen (to participate, to join in)
Beimengen (to add, to mix)
Beimessen (to attribute, to ascribe)
Beimischen (to add, to mix)
Beinhalten (to contain, to include)
Beiordnen (to assign, to allocate)
Beipacken (to enclose, to attach)
Beipflichten (to agree, to concur)
Beirren (to mislead, to confuse)
Beisammenbleiben (to stay together)
Beisammenhaben (to have together)
Beischaffen (to provide, to procure)
Beischießen (to shoot at, to fire at)
Beischlafen (to sleep with)
Beischließen (to close)
Beiseitebringen (to set aside)
Beiseitedrängen (to push aside)
Beiseitelassen (to leave aside)
Beiseitelegen (to put aside)
Beiseitenehmen (to take aside)
Beiseiteschaffen (to get rid of)
Beiseiteschieben (to push aside)
Beiseitestehen (to stand aside)
Beiseitestellen (to put aside)
Beiseitetreten (to step aside)
Beisetzen (to bury, to inter)
Beisitzen (to be present, to attend)
Beispringen (to help, to assist)
Beistehen (to help, to support)
Beistellen (to provide, to furnish)
Beisteuern (to contribute, to add)
Beistimmen (to agree, to concur)
Beitragen (to contribute, to add)
Beitreiben (to drive, to urge)
Beitreten (to join, to become a member of)
Beiwilligen (to agree, to consent)
Beiwohnen (to attend, to be present at)
Beizen (to etch, to corrode)
Beiziehen (to call upon, to consult)
Beißen (to bite)

These verbs are used in a variety of contexts and can be helpful for German learners to know.

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