German Adjectives with I

Here is a list of German adjectives starting with the letter “I” suitable for DaF (Deutsch als Fremdsprache/ A1) level:

  • interessant (interesting)
  • intelligent (intelligent)
  • idealistisch (idealistic)
  • intensiv (intense)
  • international (international)
  • intuitiv (intuitive)
  • individuell (individual)
  • informativ (informative)
  • imposant (impressive)
  • ideal (ideal)
  • irgendwelch (any)
  • irgendwie (somehow)
  • irgendwo (somewhere)
  • innerlich (internal)
  • immens (immense)
  • inklusiv (inclusive)
  • inaktiv (inactive)
  • illegal (illegal)
  • isoliert (isolated)

These adjectives can be used to describe various nouns in German and are common enough to be understood at the A1 level. Remember, the context in which these adjectives are used can affect their meaning, so always consider the sentence as a whole. Viel Spaß beim Lernen! (Have fun learning!)

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