German Adjectives with H

Here’s a list of German adjectives that begin with “H” appropriate for A1 learners:

  • höflich (polite) – This describes someone with good manners, like “ein höflicher Mann” (a polite man).
  • hungrig (hungry) – This describes someone who wants to eat, like “Ich bin hungrig” (I am hungry).
  • hoch (high) – This describes something that is far up, like “ein hoher Baum” (a tall tree).
  • heiß (hot) – This describes something with a high temperature, like “heißes Wasser” (hot water).
  • hell (bright) – This describes something that is shiny or well-lit, like “heller Tag” (bright day).
  • hilfreich (helpful) – This describes someone who likes to assist others, like “eine hilfsreiche Person” (a helpful person).

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