German Adjectives with C

Deutsche Adjektive, die mit dem Buchstaben “C” beginnen.

There aren’t many native German adjectives that start with “C” because in Germanic words (the majority in German), “C” only appears in the combinations “ck” (pronounced like “k”) and “ch” (pronounced like a voiceless velar fricative, similar to “ch” in loch). However, there are some German adjectives that start with “C” borrowed from other languages or formed in a different way. Here are a few examples:

  • chaotisch (chaotic): beschreibt etwas, das unordentlich und verwirrend ist (describes something that is disorderly and confusing)
  • cool (cool): beschreibt etwas, das modern, toll oder angenehm ist (describes something that is modern, great, or pleasant)
  • clever (clever): beschreibt jemanden, der intelligent und geschickt ist (describes someone who is intelligent and skilled)

Here are some additional options that might be useful depending on the context:

  • charmant (charming): beschreibt jemanden oder etwas, das angenehm und anziehend ist (describes someone or something that is pleasant and attractive)
  • christlich (Christian): beschreibt etwas, das mit dem Christentum zu tun hat (describes something that has to do with Christianity)

Remember, these last two options are loanwords or derived from proper nouns, not native Germanic adjectives.

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