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German Adjectives with J

Unfortunately, there aren’t many common German adjectives that begin with the letter “J” that are suitable for A1 learners. German uses many more nouns and verbs that start with J, but adjectives are less frequent.

Here’s the one common adjective that fits the bill:

  • jung (young) – This is a basic adjective to describe someone or something youthful. You can use it in a sentence like “Ein junger Mann” (A young man).

While there aren’t many other simple adjectives that start with J, here are a few more words you might encounter that function like adjectives but are not strictly classified as adjectives in German:

  • jetzt (now) – This can sometimes be used like an adjective to describe the current time.
  • jeden (every) – This can be used in an adjectival way before a noun to mean “every.”

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