Movement Out, From, or Off Of

The prefix “aus” in German carries a range of meanings, often conveying the idea of movement out, from, or off of something. This prefix is used with various verbs to create expressions that are both common and essential in everyday German language. Here are some of the most frequently used verbs that start with the prefix “aus”:

ausgehen (to go out)

This versatile verb describes the action of leaving one’s home or residence to engage in social activities, such as attending a party, going to the cinema, or having dinner with friends. It is commonly used to refer to evenings spent socializing and enjoying the company of others.

ausmachen (to turn off, switch off)

This essential verb indicates the cessation of an electrical device, such as a light, TV, or radio. It is commonly used to conserve energy, avoid accidents, or prepare for sleep. For example, one might say “Mach das Licht aus!” (Turn off the light!) or “Hast du den Fernseher ausgemacht?” (Did you turn off the TV?)

ausfüllen (to fill out)

This expression describes the process of completing a form or document with necessary information. It is often used to refer to registering for an event, applying for a job, or filling out tax forms. For instance, one might say “Ich muss noch die Bewerbung ausfüllen.” (I still need to fill out the application.)

aussprechen (to pronounce, articulate)

This verb refers to the act of producing sounds correctly and effectively. It is commonly used to describe teaching someone how to pronounce unfamiliar words or practicing pronunciation exercises. For example, one might say “Sprich das Wort bitte noch mal aus.” (Please pronounce the word again.)

aussteigen (to get off)

This verb describes the action of exiting a vehicle, such as a train, bus, or car. It is commonly used to refer to leaving public transportation at a designated stop or disembarking from a vehicle after a journey. For example, one might say “Ich steige hier aus.” (I’m getting off here.)

These are just a few examples of the many German verbs that start with the prefix “aus.” This prefix plays a significant role in German vocabulary, adding a layer of meaning and nuance to everyday expressions.

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