Deutsche Berufe

German Professions

Skilled Trades:

der Zimmerer/ die Zimmerin (Carpenter): Builds and repairs wooden structures, furniture, and other objects.

der Maurer/ die Maurerin (Bricklayer): Lays bricks and other masonry materials to build walls, chimneys, and other structures.

der Dachdecker/ die Dachdeckerin (Roofer): Installs and repairs roofs using various materials like tiles, shingles, and metal.

der Elektriker/ die Elektrikerin (Electrician): Installs and repairs electrical wiring, fixtures, and equipment.

der Klempner/ die Klempnerin (Plumber): Installs and repairs pipes, fixtures, and appliances for water, gas, and drainage systems.

der Schweißer/ die Schweißerin (Welder): Joins metals together using various welding techniques.

der Glaser/ die Glaserin (Glazier): Installs and repairs glass windows, doors, and other structures.

der Maler/ die Malerin (Painter): Paints walls, ceilings, and other surfaces for decoration and protection.

der Stuckateur/ die Stuckateurin (Stucco worker): Applies decorative plaster and other materials to walls and ceilings.

der Goldschmied/ die Goldschmiedin (Goldsmith): Creates and repairs jewelry and other objects from precious metals.

der Uhrmacher/ die Uhrmacherin (Watchmaker): Repairs and maintains watches and clocks.

der Instrumentenbauer/ die Instrumentenbauerin (Instrument maker): Builds and repairs musical instruments.

Other Professions:

der Maschinenbauer/ die Maschinenbauerin (Mechanical engineer): Designs, builds, and tests mechanical devices and systems.

der Fahrzeugbauer/ die Fahrzeugbauerin (Vehicle builder): Builds, repairs, and maintains cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

der Schiffsbauer/ die Schiffsbauerin (Shipbuilder): Builds and repairs ships and boats.

der Flugzeugbauer/ die Flugzeugbauerin (Aircraft builder): Builds and repairs airplanes and helicopters.

der Modedesigner/ die Modedesignerin (Fashion designer): Creates and constructs clothing and fashion accessories.

der Schuhmacher/ die Schuhmacherin (Shoemaker): Makes and repairs shoes.

der Gärtner/ die Gärtnerin (Gardener): Designs, builds, and maintains gardens and landscapes.

der Spielzeugmacher/ die Spielzeugmacherin (Toymaker): Makes and repairs toys.

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