“A strong desire to travel.”

Wanderlust describes the desire to leave the comfort of our home, fill the pages of our passports, and make our Instagram account be something out of a travel magazine. All, while meeting new people, seeing new cities, and experiencing new cultures.

Unveiling Wanderlust: A Look at the German Word for Travel Enthusiasm

The evocative word “Wanderlust” has become a staple in the English vocabulary, often used to describe a strong desire to travel and explore the world. But did you know this beautiful term has German origins? Let’s break it down!

  • Wander (verb): This translates to “to hike” or “to roam.” It carries the idea of movement and exploration, often on foot.
  • Lust (noun): This translates to “desire” or “pleasure.” It signifies a strong feeling of wanting or enjoying something.

Put together, “Wanderlust” literally translates to “hiking desire” or “desire to roam.” However, the meaning has evolved to encompass a broader sense of travel enthusiasm, a yearning to see new places and experience different cultures.

Here’s the plural form of Wanderlust:

  • Wanderlust (plural): The plural form remains the same, as is common with many German loanwords in English.

Examples of Using Wanderlust:

  • “Feeling a surge of wanderlust, she booked a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia.”
  • “Fueled by wanderlust, she quit her job and bought a one-way ticket to Asia.”
  • “They saved all year to fulfill their shared wanderlust for the ancient wonders of Europe.”
  • “With a case of chronic wanderlust, he never stayed in one place for too long.”
  • “He was consumed by wanderlust, forever seeking the next hidden corner of the world.”
  • “Their insatiable wanderlust led them to explore every continent.”
  • “After staring at the same four walls for months, I’ve been struck by a powerful case of wanderlust.”
  • “The travel blog ignited his wanderlust, inspiring him to create his own backpacking itinerary.”

So, the next time you feel that irresistible urge to explore the world, remember the perfect word to describe it: Wanderlust!