Excess weight gained from emotional overeating.

Kummerspeck literally translates to “sorrow bacon.” It’s what happens when you work through your breakup, job loss or general unhappiness with your tasty friends: that gallon of chocolate ice cream, the extra thick large pizza, and the bathtub full of chocolate chip cookies.

“Kummerspeck” is a fascinating German compound word that combines two distinct concepts into a single term. Let’s dissect it and explore its meaning:

  1. Kummer:
  • Definition: Kummer translates to “grief” or “sorrow” in English. It represents emotional distress or sadness.
  • Example Sentence: “Nach der Trennung von seiner Freundin aß er vor lauter Kummer eine ganze Tafel Schokolade.” (After breaking up with his girlfriend, he ate an entire chocolate bar out of sheer sorrow.)
  1. Speck:
  • Definition: Speck means “bacon” in German. It refers to the fatty, delicious meat that often accompanies breakfast or other meals.
  • Example Sentence: “Das Frühstück bestand aus Eiern, Toast und knusprigem Speck.” (Breakfast consisted of eggs, toast, and crispy bacon.)
  1. Kummerspeck:
  • Literal Translation: When you combine Kummer (grief) with Speck (bacon), you get “grief bacon.”
  • Meaning: “Emotional eating” or “comfort eating”—the act of consuming food (often high-calorie or indulgent) as a response to emotional distress.
  • Plural: The plural form remains the same: “Kummerspeck.”

Examples of Usage:

  1. “Sie hat nach der Prüfung so viel Kummerspeck gegessen, dass sie sich schlecht fühlte.” (After the exam, she ate so much comfort food that she felt unwell.)
  2. “Sein gestiegener Kummerspeck war ein Zeichen dafür, dass er mit persönlichen Problemen zu kämpfen hatte.” (His increased emotional eating was a sign that he was dealing with personal issues.)
  3. “Manchmal greifen wir zu Kummerspeck, um uns besser zu fühlen, auch wenn es nur vorübergehend ist.” (Sometimes we turn to comfort food to feel better, even if it’s only temporary.)

Kummerspeck humorously captures the intersection of emotions and food—a relatable experience for many! 🥓🙂